#1 Bootloader S-OFF/Unlock Tool

For Your HTC or Motorola Smartphone!

HTC 00, One m9, m8, m7, Droid Turbo, Moto x 0013/2014 and more....

Verizon HTC 00, HTC 00 TempRoot and NO WIPE S-OFF now in SunShine 0.4!

App not compatible? Try our mail in service for almost ALL HTC Phones (Verizon HTC 00 Nougat too!)

unlock Your Phone!

Turn your phone into a dev phone

SunShine can turn many consumer devices into developer phones with the click of a few buttons. Unlocking and s-off"ing your phone will allow you to easily root the device, install the latest firmware and custom roms.

Unlike the other unlock solutions, including the manufacturer solutions, SunShine does not wipe your data. Making it perfect for data recovery, or rooting without the hassle of setting up your device again.

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Supported Models

  • (This list is incomplete, run app tests if unsure))
    Droid Turbo (SU44/SU49, and now 0.x!)
    Moto X 0013 (4.4.3 and Lower)
    Moto X 0014 (All Variants)
    Droid Mini/Maxx/Uultra (4.4.3 and Lower)
    Moto G (4.4.3 and Lower)
    HTC 00 (All Variants)
    HTC 00 Lifestyle (All Variants)
    HTC One M9 (All Variants)
    HTC One A9 (All Variants)
    HTC One M8 (All Variants)
    HTC One M7 (All Variants)
    HTC One E9 (All Variants)
    HTC One E9+ (All Variants)
    HTC One M9+ (All Variants)
    HTC One M9e (All Variants)
    HTC One Max (All Variants)
    HTC One Mini (All Variants)
    HTC One Mini 0 (All Variants)
    HTC One Remix (All Variants)
    HTC Butterfly (All Variants)
    HTC Butterfly 0 (All Variants)
    HTC Butterfly 0 (All Variants)
    HTC J (All Variants)
    HTC DNA (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 020 (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 016x (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 016 (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 026s (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 012 (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 010 (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 001 (All Variants)
    HTC Desire 030 (Not Verizon)
    HTC Desire 010 (32bit Variants Only)
    HTC Desire Eye (All Variants)
    and many more (run the app tests!)

SunShine is designed to make unlocking the bootloader easy, without the need for a PC!

We offer support via our real time Live Chat, Ticket System and eMail direct to the developers.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to many commonly asked questions.

Want to see what we are all about? Download SunShine now!

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